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Sad & Jobless.... Tuesday, September 28, 2010 10:21 PM
Sudden got the feel of blogging.

Currently i am JOBLESS! so so unexpected of me. I left GH went over to Jackson Cpy but find tt place job nt suitable. So after much much consideration left there and nw i am jobless.

Its been almost 2wks + since i am jobless. Hae always been thinking what job do i want to wk as? i myself also dunno.

Sometimes i think y i am so dumb nt to know what i wan in life? ppl ask me wad i wan to wk as but i couldn't gif an answer. Y is tt so? feel tt i am lost. Always have tt stupid feeling in me. Can i jus grow up? i also dunno wad i am thinking. haizZzzZZzz.......

Been stayin at hm.... Cause go out sure spend $. Cannot anyhw spend also. Getting broke. no $ cum in. So gotta save also. Cannot anyhw spend. Worse thing is tt i am going to BKK in NOV! Gosh~hahahaz....

Wander when will i get a job? Hw long more is it going to take? :(

Can someone help me? Answer my prayers? or give me sign?

War is over !!! Tuesday, August 31, 2010 10:11 AM
Finally the war is over!! haha Natas passed super fast! 3 days jus gone like tt. and after all the preparation is over~~!

So so sad. no wan book our golf pkgs during NATAS. But heng we had our Taiwan & Eva air to help us~

Saw many of my ex colleagues over there! haha they were super super funny! :p miss those days manx~ haha But the past 3 days were super shag~ tired. lucky gt mr tan n jeffrey to send us bk hm! haha

So fast my day of wk in Green Holiday is here. Serving notice for 1mth jus past like tt.
haha... Gonna miss all the things in tanjong pagar~~ somehw its abit sad to leave but yah i think i made the right decision somehw! haha :)

kinda excited cannot wait for NOV to come! haha 2mth to go! gonna save up $$ n shop shop shop at BKK! wahaha our trip is finally confirmed! hahah cannot wait for the day to come. Counting down every single single day! haha~ :P Shall plan our itinerary in Bkk. But for sure will go platinum & Chatuchat & of course chinatown to haf seafood n bird nest! yumyum!!! hahaha Miss the super big big grilled bbq prawns! hahaha :P

Gonna start wk in new cpy soon! hope it will be gd! n yee is workin wif me too! haha....
yah we shall see hw things goes~ this wk is filled with lots of activity!
haahaz. gotta spend more time wif my 2 darlings~ think shall bring them go gai gai! haha they sure luv it! haha :P

This wkend will be burn also. so = to no rest! shag~ haizzz... i so wanna slp until suang suang than get up! tt kind of feelin very long nvr haf manx!

Wonder when will tt be? haha gonna catch afew movies this wk~ Step up 3 ... the expandables... haha so long didn go for movie also~ Gonna Enjoy! hahaha

bored at wk~ Saturday, August 7, 2010 11:18 AM
Finally the long weekend is here~! PH is on Monday~ but no holiday trip for me! feeling so bored at wk nw~!

Feeling happy that i have finally tender in my resignation! wahaha yesh!!!!! no more boring days for me! counting down every single day for me! super super happy!

its been 2 day straight at wk n i have nth to do! time pass so super duper slow! cannot tahan it!
nth to do = stoning at the computer screen! eyes wanna close but forced to be open! haiz

yesterdae met up wif yan .. haha too bad jk n sha couldn't make it! next time~
but van n grace tag along~ wahahaha so after all we decided to meet up at orchard mrt n we went to Far east! haha... walk around.. we went to lavender n waha i didn get anything! that is a gd !!! save $ hahaha~~ :) dan i bought a hand carry bag. i find it cute! hahaha

after all e walkin legs were super duper aching so we went to old town n seat n slack!
haha chit chatted as usual... and wahaha... we came up wif todaes plan~ super last min...
gonna haf MJ session!! haha so slong since i last play~!! huat ah~~ hope to win some $$ lol.

And of course nt forgetting also our mini steamboat n bbq session! hahaha gonna enjoy enjoy n enjoy! hahahaz :) time for fun~ wahaha
Gracie bdae is comin soon~ haha... lets plan something! hahahaaha

but tue comes n my mood is dw~ but look at e bright side~ next wk onli wk till fri~ hahaha am off during sat! hahaha so its a short wk~ n dan 2 more wk to count dw n i am out of here! waha~

tilld an i shall update soon again!!!

sick again!!! Monday, August 2, 2010 2:43 PM
time pass s fast when u r on a holidaY! jus retuen bk from our short genting trip last mth! from e 25-27jul! we didn haf fun! yahhh miss the cold n mist over there! hahaha super shiok!

Yesterdae we celebrated grandpa 81th bdae~!! haha afternoon me n van went to wak around in town~! went to fep but the shop we wanted to go was closed! so sad! so didn bought anything! evenin we cab down to tiong~! we had rajah inn steamboat for diner! i must say tt grandpa enjoyin his food there! haha dan after tt we walk around n hm sweet hm!

reached hm settle dw n we cut cake for him! haha he still look so young! and of course we bought his favourite choc cake! hahaha realli enjoyin eating! power manz!! hahaha

Came bk hm yesterdae and was even more sick again! cough cough cough! haiz wonder when will i realli fully recover! dam~~ hahaha bk to wk on wed! decided to tender my resignation on wed as i am on mc 2 days! so lets start counting down every day n every wk before i leave this company! hope i made the right decision!
wahahaha here are some pic of out gentin trip! hahaha :P

Have finally found my pic tt i needed to start doing my hoiliday vaction photo album! haha will go develope them tml! so excited to start doing it! hahaha~
Hope the time will pass slower these 2dae as i am on mc! realli wish to recover soon! dun wanna get sick again! realli sucks man the feeling!

happy~~~ :) Saturday, July 24, 2010 11:33 AM
yesterday was such a day! me n van wanted to go hm after wk~ so as usual meet pa at railway station to longbang bk hm! hahaha but dan a was goin amk to visit uncle tan n la kopi!

so me n van have to go hmon our own! sadded haha... half way pa called sayin tt mummy go church~ i was uh~~ dan no one at hm? hahaha

so funnie to think when the kids wan go hm the parents are nt in! lol so i called van and told her n we decided to go PS! hahaha no other place to go~ we dunnoo wan go where also.. so we jus slack at there. i bought a shorts from dp! HAHAHA spend $ agaiin!!! feelin so so broke liao~

after like shoppin n walking around.. we decided to go makan dinner. and we landed up at mac~ hahaha sat there chit chat~ alot of things!!! first time i tok to van abt my wk~ tok until make me wanna cry~ haha! but it felt so so GD! to like let everything out! was tellin her the job tt jackson was recommending me~ realli considerin it! cause i dun wanna make the same mistake again~ like wad i am in nw~ plus he is ren shi de ren~ so like also nt gd if i wanna leave..

headeach~~~ must decide carefully!!!! hate this kind of feeling~

after tt we went home! yahh~ we bough few movie to watch!! Valentine days was nice! haha diff love story together~ similar to love actually! hahaha but yah~ i gif it a 8!! haha so nice to see people in love~ wonder wonder when will i get to fee this kind of love! haha~

yahhh... but~~~ i am HAPPY!!! tml going to genting!!! haha wanna enjoy myself! although its a short trip out if singapore~ i stll gonna have lots lots of fun! gracie~~ let enjoy!!! pa n ma also joinin us~ hahaha cannot imagine~ but yah! we will play till there is no tomorrow~ hahaha

tml gotta get up early!! our bus are leavin spore ard 6.30am! hahaha think will gentin abt 1plus? hahaha till dan~~ will update again! :)